I've written about arts, culture, fitness and lifestyle for publications, private clients, sites and the stage, including Common Ground, No Depression, The Pacific Sun, Kitchen Sink, VeloNews, Yoga Journal and Deborah Slater Dance Theater.  Please email deborahRCrooks @ gmail.com for more information.  

No Depression

Corresponding for ND writing music reviews and interviews.

A Yogini in New York

Contributed essays to “A Yogini in New York” and “Mothering the Bird,” in two different Seal Press tittles “Bare Your Soul: The Thinking Girl’s Guide to Enlightenment” and “Making Connections: Mother-Daughter Travel Stories.”

 Interview with Olympian Rebecca Twigg 

Interview published in Bicycle Racing in the Modern Era (Velo Press)

Deborah Slater Dance Theater

Source text and poetry for DSDT (http://www.deborahslater.org/) productions:

“Private Life” (2011 - 2014)

"Furniture Dances" (2007)

"Trio: In the Space Between" (2006)

"Survival of the Fit Enough" (2004)


You can also find me on Medium on occasion: https://medium.com/@deborahcrooks