New Music from Bay Station: Shapeshifter

Pivoting between the ‘Flight Lessons’ house concert of last weekend to Bay Station music this week as we release a new EP Shapeshifter. Four new songs, written/co-written by myself, Kwame Copeland and Steve Waters with able co-production by Ben Bernstein. The four new songs on the new EP double-down on hope and taking action.  Shapeshifterfeatures a Pretender’s-like groove as we imagine a world without bullets or disease, everyone sings and justice is restored. ‘The Past is Over’ is another uptempo track which puts the past in the rear view to risk love anew and without fear. Sandwiched between those two rockers are two California-centric songs: ‘To the Bears,’ a sing-along-able ode to returning the state to its original inhabitants penned by Kwame; and ‘Three Days of Rain’ written by Steve, which prays for rain white reflecting upon the parched Bay Area landscape. Shapeshifter releases September 22, 2023 and will be available everywhere you stream music. CDs will be available at Bay Station's EP-release show Friday, Sept. 22 at The Fireside Lounge, 1453 Webster St., Alameda, CA 94501. 8pm doors/9pm show. With The Stratospheres and The Secret Identities. 

Shapeshifter Tracklist:

  1. Shapeshifter (2:54)
  2. To the Bears (4:49)
  3. Three Days of Rain (3:47)
  4. The Past is Over (2:36)

Co-produced by Deborah Crooks, Kwame Copeland and Ben Bernstein 
Recorded at East Bay Recorders, Oakland, CA 
Mastered by Ben Bernstein 
Cover art by Nugget Rising-Waters 

Deborah Crooks, vocals 
Kwame Copeland, vocals, guitars 
Steve Waters, electric guitar, vocals 
Andrew Griffin, drums 
Ben Bernstein, Bass 
Art Khu, organ


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