July is Alive: KALX Live & SF Summer of Music

It's a new month, a new day, and anything is possible, including world peace and maintaining democracy — despite the stiff headwinds —which is why I'm sending you a photo of me floating through the cosmos. It's easy to feel discouraged, but as the great Patti Smith sings "the people have the power." That's you and that's me, and that's why I'm continuing to sing and makes songs amid it all, including tomorrow in Niles, and this weekend on the radio (from Berkeley) and onstage in Alameda. Voices matter, votes matter. Join me!  Deborah

July 6, 2024 
Berkeley, CA
I'll be singing songs from,
and talking about, my
solo and Bay Station catalogs
plus tunes from 'Flight Lessons" show

July 7, 2024 
The Alameda Summer Art Fair
2309 Encinal Ave
Alameda, CA
w/Bay Station Trio

July 28, 2024 
Bay Station Duo at SF Summer of Music
1698 Haight St.
San Franicsco, CA
w/Bay Station Duo

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