You should be dancing...

We watched The Bee Gees documentary, "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart," last night which delighted me for all sorts of reasons. I loved the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack when it was released, even though my mom thought I was too young to see the movie. It was huge (as was dance and disco music during that time. We grade-schoolers went through a phase of doing The Hustle for PE). My pal Sally of course had the album at her house, and I annoyed the hell out of her asking if we could play the record yet again. But I completely swooned a year later, when the younger Gibb, Andy, released his album Shadow Dancing. Oh wow! I'd ride my bike around our driveway for hours singing the title song. Later in the year, I won a poster of Andy by playing some game at the County Fair and pinned it up on my bedroom wall. Better yet, that Christmas, Santa brought me my own Andy Gibb record. Sigh. 
Back to the new documentary, I was struck by the incredible work ethic the Gibbs had when it came to songwriting and just how many of those songs I actually know (and have a soft spot for)… and how the subsequent disco backlash was actually rooted in homophobia and racism. Ugh. 
Conveniently, our holiday light display efforts earlier this month make for a pretty disco porch. Now I’ll be driving Kwame nuts overplaying those 70s records! “You should be dancing, yeah!”

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