Watch NEW Video "A Garden"

I started to write this song, which gets at how fear and shame and learned oppressions can keep us down, forgetful of our true selves and separate from the people we love, nearly a decade ago, as I was about to take off to India for several months. Last year, when I was in the studio finishing up recording basics for The Department of the West, bassist Kevin White wondered if I had an 11th song. I went home and found an older version of what would be "A Garden," revised it, and took it to the studio the next day. The band had spent a couple months working up the other 10 songs, but with a little studio time left, we ran through this tune and went ahead and recorded this track pretty quickly.   
The video itself features footage of fireworks, constellations, a riot of poppies blooming in a neighbor's garden, the last full band show I did before shelter in place,  and the Chalk Hill skyline at dusk.  

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