Beauty Everywhere Missive #2

More beauty, yes? I got a 'memory' notice about a fun show I did at The Lost Church four years ago, a February birthday-themed gig with Michael McNevin, which had a great poster design by NEMO. It felt like time to share what other bits of beauty have been keeping me afloat this month:

  • This amazing essay in Guernica "The Grief Artist" by  Traci Brimhal. read it HERE.
  • A look at Rachel Rodi's latest mosaic in San Francisco can be found HERE
  • Almost any day's photo from Nasa's Astronomy Photo of the Day is great but today's Spiral Galaxy NGC 1350 is especially groovy. This description alone: "Inhabited by young blue star clusters, the tightly wound spiral arms of NGC 1350 seem to join in a circle around the galaxy's large, bright nucleus, giving it the appearance of a cosmic eye." Check it HERE

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