About Track #10: "River Stones"

Track 10 "River Stones"
I grew up near a creek and spent many afternoons searching for the smoothest rocks to try to skip across the water. I had no idea how long it had taken those stones to become so polished and skippable. Flash forward to last year, spending a week songwriting beside the Salmon River, hearing the intermittent clatter of rocks being carried downstream. At the same time, I could see the mountains whence those rocks came. As I sat working on what would be the last song written that week, I couldn’t not see parallels between rock and human life cycles:
“Mountain holds us/steady and strong/earth rumble moves us along/first a boulder then a rock/ falling tumbling, knock knock/we’re just river stones/finding our way home/together and alone/we’re just river stones”

Between now and it’s official release day—which is coming up quick! —I’ve been sharing a bit of the inspiration and backstory for each song on The Department of the West and a preview of the recording. Pre-order the record HERE
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