Natural wonders: Words, music and the eclipse

I've just returned from a road trip across the Southwest to Texas for the Kerrclipse Music & Eclipse festival and back. It was a moving experience to witness the eclipse — a true natural wonder — with a community of friends and fellow musicians at the storied site of the Kerrville Folk Festival. We were fortunate that the clouds cleared enough to get a good look at various stages of the partial eclipse as well as the full eclipse and the sun’s corona! Totality was an out of this world experience! Hearing great music and circling up with such fine folks to trade songs for several days before and after made it all that much more sweet. I'm grateful and excited to be in the swim with so much music. Amid travels, I've started pre-production on a new solo recording as well as new work with Bay Station.  I've also another great cast lined up to perform 'Flight Lessons' in May and a bunch of other interesting shows to look forward to as well. Join me! Deborah 

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