Weekend recap and what's next

WI had such a full-meal deal of a musical weekend, starting with attending Paige Clem's joyful CD-release at Terrapin Crossroads. I got to pipe up on a couple of her songs and generally appreciate some truly great musicians at work. Speaking of great musicians, Saturday, Kwame and traveled to Niles to share a batch of Bay Station tunes with a full-house house concert with our friend Michael McNevin. What a great group and fun vibe! Sunday afternoon, my friend Rebecca opened her Alameda garden space for a wonderful warm afternoon of local a acts including Bay Station.  Yes, Wiggling occurred.  I took a day to recover and now I'm working up a bunch of my newer and vintage songs for a pair of Songwriter nights coming up. First to the plate is this coming Sunday's show at The Bazaar Cafe with Shawn Byron and Mick Schaffer. We'll swap songs, eat pie, and further season the Bazaar with songwriterly vibes.

Alameda house concert photos by Tania Johnson.

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