Watch NEW Video "The Other Side"

The time I've been spending on the water led me to complete the video for "The Other Side," a song from The Department of the West, in which the San Francisco Bay Area takes a starring role. Take a look and listen at the link in bio: 
About “The Other Side”: 
A few years ago, I learned that a dear friend, someone I'd been close to when I first returned to California, had passed. I was stunned, sent back to that lonely year when I didn't feel decisive or clear about most anything and a distant loved one had been a lifeline. I both felt the loss deeply and marveled anew about how connections to both people and place expand and contract and fold back over themselves over time. 
“Maple trees going from green to red 
Time passing before our eyes 
To get from then to now I don’t know how 
We did it”

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