Unplugged and Connected

I grew up in a then-rural area with a party line and two-and-a-half channels on the TV (one rarely got decent reception). The lights went out every time there was a storm and the internet was a distant planet. Books —a librarian-staffed bookmobile visited the nearest intersection every couple weeks for us to peruse its small shelves — local radio, what was outside and what sprung up in my imagination provided most of my entertainment.  Though I couldn't wait to get out there at the time, lessons learned living remotely in my youth have helped me hang tight at home amid this pandemic year. And just like when I was a kid, I've been looking forward to the world opening up again. 
After getting some very welcome shots in the arm, we split the difference, going away to the desert to unplug that much more, listen for the muse under the hum of worry we've grown used to, and harvest a bit of what has grown in the dark days of 2020.  I'm happy to share Bay Station is releasing our latest EP, Beyond the Safe and Sound, next Friday, April 9, and I'll be releasing three new songs in May. Already songs from the Bay Station EP are getting radio airplay and we're looking forward to performing them live to locals, in trio formation, at another porch concert on the day of the release! More info in the April newsletter HERE

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