Singing in Churches and on Hills

Many years back, I traveled through Europe after a nasty breakup and found myself, spontaneously, singing in medieval churches. Singing was one of the only things that made me feel better, and my personal woe was soon overcome by the sheer delight of piping up in such resonant spaces. Old stone churches on the cliffs of Italy and in the hills of Switzerland have acoustics like no other.

Historic wood buildings in the heart of SF offer a different but no less hallowed audio environment. It was a joy to sing there the first time I played San Francisco's Lost Church a couple years back. Now remodeled, it was a lovely setting for the latest Fog Songs celebration. Thanks to those who came to the show and to my fellow performers who are stellar in every way.  What a nice night! The show kicked off an especially busy and varied weekend of shows, that found Kwame and I playing on the waterfront, on top of Mt. Tam and in the heart of Alameda as well as The Lost Church.  Saturday night I was staring across Marin from 2500-feet above sea level (we provided the music at West Point Inn on Sunday morning), so grateful for all the places songs take me.

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