Radio Troubadour, Keep Finding Beauty

 "all this life keeps going on/despite the strife and the gloom/beauty beauty everywhere/I'm looking all the time/beauty everywhere...." 

This is a hard day for many of us. So grateful that so many of the near and dear people in my life are committed to community, the arts, the environment, peace, transformation and justice. Cognizant there is so much work to do. My heart is heavy but I know I'm lucky to be alive (& to live in California) and that love + inspired action + dialogue with others can help me, us, dig ourselves out. Let us make positive efforts for the good of all.  I'm more committed than ever to finding beauty in this world.
Thanks Radio Troubadour​ for giving "Beauty Everywhere" a spin on The Troubadour Show today of all days: 

"This week's Troubadour Show #183. Listen in on Wednesday 9th November at 2pm Eastern USA / 7pm UK for two hours of great music. Lots of new album tracks on the show. NP on #Radio @TroubadourShow - @deborahcrooks 'Beauty Everywhere' title track from great new album.Check out more"

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