Photo: Chalk Hill bouquet 
I love process, which is why I love projects: they help me chart my evolution of understanding. The process of this pandemic is a whole other order, and I’ve mainly been keeping my usual personal notes /journal through it all, reserving any summary for a much later time. And I take some comfort in looking back at my past experiences of personal and public upset: big earthquakes (‘89 Loma Prieta) and breakups, terrorist events (9/11) and deaths, and see what pivots I took in response/reaction to said event. When I look back I see those events having shaping my life’s choices considerably, mostly for the better. The challenge has always been to stay open and notice, really notice, what’s being presented and making an as considered-as-possible choice for action. This week, after a good month of adjusting to shelter-in-place life, and making a routine and new songs and art and recipes of it all, plus facing some old stuff rearing up, I notice myself relaxing a little more and getting interested/curious again about new and different avenues. The general fact of spring might have something to do with this, too, itself a great reminder. Which brought me back to these tulips, which opened and closed, expanded and turned as they bloomed more each day. 
Wishing everyone well!

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