Practicing Hope: SIP the Bay 2

When we first started 'sheltering in place' here in California in response to the pandemic, I immediately doubled down on my usual practices for mind, body and spirit. Since then some of the actions I took have morphed from stop-gap measures enacted to get through those initial 'two weeks' — porch concerts, live streams, daily writing, Zoom yoga — to simply what I do.  I've long been one for practices, but if these six months have taught me anything it's that practice is an act of hope, keeping me going when the news of the world is overwhelming. 
Towards keeping hope going, we've rounded up another great crew of Bay Area songwriters and musicians for Bay Station's second SIP the Bay Mini Music & Sailing Fest of the year. We'll be streaming a show on Youtube for four evenings, Friday, Sept 4, through Monday, Sept. 7, showcasing a bunch of great voices and raising funds for both NAACP and California fire relief.  Mark your calendars and tune in!  Wishing you well, Deborah



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