Next Steps for The Department of the West

This month has felt like a vortex of sorts, one of those periods of times where many things are ending and beginning at once. Bay Station released a new Love the Bay episode (featuring Michael McNevin) the day we started another bay tour (fun!); we filmed another episode and then I went into the studio to finish mixing the new record(!!!!) Amid all this, there’ve been friends coming and going, from celebrating big events or significant birthdays, to moving or outright leaving this realm - dear friend, voice teacher and amazing human Faith Winthrop. 

And then of course there’s all the crises rumbling in the country, on the border and in the air. It’s a lot to hold. Was it all the planets lining up a few days ago? The full moon lunar eclipse? It’s seemed  like a good time to pause for a moment and consider next steps...which is a lot of what I’ve been doing this week on a family trip to Washington and now Wyoming. Big sky and water and land are what led to the songs on The Department of the West so spending time in these  locations as I’ve been listening to the mixes (figuring out an order before I send the files to the mastering engineer) has been kind of perfect. 

As will be playing these songs live next week in San Francisco! Thursday July 25 I’m sharing a bill with The Handler Brothers and White Limozeen - come on out!



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