New song: Another Test

We did a whole bunch of songwriting on our trip to Joshua Tree. This will get the band treatment later, but I wanted to share some of what we're up to.

Another Test ┬ęDeborahCrooks & Kwame Copeland (ASCAP) 2015

You think you're there but you're not/Think you understand buy you don't/Just when you think it will be easier now/You see there's a long way to go/Marched all away across the south/ Now they're marching east and west /Too much injustice to swallow /Freedom put to another test /Freedom always put to the test/ Can't see far beyond the mountain/ Just where you need to go next /Don't get too far ahead of yourself /Don't be placing any bets /Best keep one foot in front of the other /Know you're never alone /Light another candle for your brother/ Another soul on his way home /Just another soul on his way home

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