New 🎶 from Bay Station + more in the stream

Anyone else feel like they’re waking up from having a weird dream after falling asleep in a hotel, having checked in late at night after a long drive? (I’m talking starting to emerge post-vaccine and seeing people you haven’t seen in person in a year here, not 4/20). While I CAN’T wait to get back to playing out in the world, there's new music and more virtual and porch music programming on deck here in Bay Station! Tune in, take a listen and please continue to take care out there.  

New Music from Bay Station

Kwame and I chipped away at this recording project all year – six new songs reflecting on a time like no other— recording parts at home, on the porch, and at the respective studios of our rhythm section. It was a very different process than we anticipated; nonetheless, we're very pleased with how it turned out and happy the songs are making their way out into the world.


Bay Station Porch Concert April 23 6-7 PM PDT 

We've at least two more porch shows on the calendar for Spring including this Friday.  Locals are welcome to come by (bring a chair)  for a listen or stream from afar via the Bay Station Facebook Page.

Sat, April 24 2021  4:00 PM – 9:00 PM PDT 

Musician John Rybak continues to round up this monthly musical variety show with a rotating cast of songwriters/. I'll be performing a few songs between 7pm and 8pm amid another diverse lineup. Check out this lineup, pick up a ticket and join us to help us raise money for Bay Area Cancer Connections HERE 

The show will feature : 

Mjoy 4-4:15 

John Rybak 4:20-4:35 

Katherine Park 4:40-4:55 

Frances Ancheta Becker 5-5:15 

David Jesitus 5:20-5:35 

Dawn Ellerbeck 5:40-5:55 

Kevin Radley 6-6:15 

Pat Nevins 6:20-6:40 

Rick Hardin 6:45-7:05 

Deborah Crooks 7:10-7:30 

Gail Weisman 7:35-8 

Cello Joe 8:05-8:25 

Nate Lopez 8:30-9 

We'll all be doing live music sets with some live Zoom interaction/Q & A between performances.  Buy tickets HERE.


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