March Music News: Between the Raindrops

Last year, we were out on a walk near our house and one of our neighbors offered to give us a bunch of daffodil bulbs. Through some finagling on his part, he'd rescued more than a thousand bulbs from a civic landscape project and they were now piled in his yard. He was on a mission to plant  them in as many of the local street tree boxes as he could find. "Would we like some for your own?" he asked, and we were sent home with an armful of bulbs. I planted them in the box outside our doorstep... and forgot about them.
This past week, all those daffodils, including the several I planted, are blooming and blazing bright yellow, up and down the block, as if shaking their hands at the dark clouds.

It's certainly been a winter of navigating heavy rain and snow—my heart goes out to you if you're contending with flooding— and news. Making the best of it all, I spent a wonderful if cold week in Joshua Tree last month, which included a couple of fun performances, a lot of R&R, writing and stomping around in the town's first snow in a decade. While I appreciate what the winter has to offer, I was delighted to come home to see these blooming signs of spring. Thank you neighbor for your foresight!
I am doubly happy to report I've a fun gig just a couple days after the vernal equinox later this month.

I’m so looking forward to returning to The Lost Church in San Francisco for a show on Saturday, March 23. I'll be sharing the bill with Danny Allen, the cool cat songwriter and excellent guitarist who is co-producing my new record. I had such a great time in the studio earlier this year working on basics, I'm excited to play the tunes live with Danny and several of the other musicians on this in-progress collection. Consider it a special preview of what I'll be rolling out in the fall! New tunes, good vibes, a cool listening venue, please join us! Tell and/or bring a friend and help us make it a great night. You can pick up tickets today  $10 in adv. ($15 at the door.) Hope to see you there!
  xo Deborah

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