Making Positive Effort for the Good, aka Celebrating Another Turn Around the Sun at The Lost Church

"Make positive effort for the good," guidance from a Zen teacher I picked up from a Natalie Goldberg book some years ago, is a phrase that keeps running through my mind. It seems more appropriate than ever at a time when it would be easy to pull a blanket over one's eyes. Yes, I'm dismayed at the current political climate, but I'm also happy to be alive and grateful for where I am. So. I'm doing what I can to keep informed, stay in motion, get out in nature, be a friend, write letters, march as necessary, and otherwise consider what maybe positive actions to take next. Thus, this coming February 17, 2017, I'm doing a show at The Lost Church, withmy friend, and truly great songwriter Michael McNevin. We both have birthdays this month, so the evening is a celebratory gathering on all fronts.  We'll perfom songs covering the spectrum of our songwriterly lives, and I'll be playing with a band of musicians I love — Art Khu on keys, Kim Xuan Nguyen on bass, Kwame Copeland on guitar, and Mike Stevens on drums. It all happens at The Lost Church, one of San Francisco's best, intimate listening venues. Join us!   Get yer tickes via tickefly HERE $15 in advance/$20 at the door.

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