Making out in 2020

"Make out" is an interesting term, isn't it? As is "how'd you make out?" or  "could you make it out?" and "let's make out!" (which is actually pretty low on the definition list according to Merriam). I'm riffing on the phrase both as it's an   interesting time on the planet right now and I've a show at the Make-Out Room at the end of month, which I very much wish you'll make it out for.

Miss my record release? This will be a near reprise, as I'll be sharing the show with Gayle Lynn & The Hired Hands as well as Paul Griffiths. And playing with most of the musicians who played  at the release. Likewise, both Paul and Gayle are continuing their celebrations of their recent records. Come on out! I'm honored to share a stage with these fine people, and The Make-Out room is great space.  

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