"Life Goes On" (Demo)

Nature, the great pacifier: The first week of California's shelter in place coincided with the tail end of my Chalk Hill Songwriting Residency at beautiful Warnecke Vineyard. For most of my stay, I was working on a larger musical project (that I expect to be working on for a couple of years), writing for different voices and utilizing a lot of found sounds. At Chalk Hill that turned out to be A LOT of bird songs, which I then had drummer/producer Mike Stevens turn into loops and beats. 
As the news of the pandemic started to get that much more real, I got that much more present and took that much more solace in all the living creatures around me. 
I'm enjoying using part of my SIP time working on what I started (and continuing my explorations in multi-tracking). This ditty may or may end up in the larger project. 

"Life Goes On" (demo) 
Deborah Crooks, words & vocals 
Kwame Copeland, acoustic guitar 
Mike Stevens, found sound/bird song loop

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