Playing "Honey" in the before times. It's been six months since I celebrated the release of The Department of the West on a fun night @amados998 Amado's. Playing with a band seems like a lifetime ago.



Dreaming of bees, honey on the comb the way they swarmed and flew on their way to a new home

One big whir, queen and drone, making honey

Fill up the Folgers cans, under skies bright and sunny

Trading fruit no exchange of money

Grapes on the vine, meant for white wine

Apples, pear tree, so much honey

Then the neighbors came apart and filed for divorce

Built a big road and buried their horse

Put up that long fence across from the pond and field of clover

One day you come home, find its all over

Stolen honey, no longer true

Stolen honey, can happen to you

Some things are sweet, but you don't really know it

Until what was once plenty is no more

The world turns and turns, the planets they line up

We rise at dawn, pour coffee into a favorite cup

Hoping for honey, hoping for honey, hoping for something sweet

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