Happy New Year from Bay Station

We began the year with a sail. Espresso was one of 10 vessels—sailing, motor and one small tug —assembled near the Park St. Bridge at 10:30am on January 1 to gather for the annual New Year's Cruise 'Round Alameda Island. In the year's past, the tradition included pit-stopping at several yacht clubs along the way to toast the New Year. This year's Covid-safe event entailed masks for all aboard, communications via VHF channel 68 and waving to other boats as they drew alongside us.  

To circumnavigate Alameda, you must negotiate four drawbridges — Park, Fruitvale, High St, and Bay Farm — and a shallow channel before reaching the Bay.  The bridgemasters knew the cruise was en route, opening the bridges and waving from their perch in the bridge tower. Our flotilla formed a neat line as we threaded our way through San Leandro Bay before passing under Bay Farm Bridge and the shallow inlet between the Elsie Roemer Bird Sanctuary and onto San Francisco Bay proper. We hope the calm waters and lights winds bode well for 2021. 
It felt fitting to start the new year by taking a long look at all angles of the place we call home, and where we'll be conducting most of our lives and music for a bit longer as we shelter in place. Bay Station  expects to resume our porch concerts again at the beginning of March, around the same time we'll be releasing a 6-song Ep Beyond the Safe and Sound. Stay tuned for more. In the meantime, we updated "Covid-19 Self-Quarantine Blues" and recorded a video for the Hanukkha Harry NYE Variety Show.  

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