Good news from The Lost Church + A TB Wiggle

Good news from The Lost Church! I'm happy to report I'll be performing at TLC Santa Rosa in September with Alison Harris. Mark your calendars for September 18 and buy a ticket HERE! In the meantime, I wrote a bit about a favorite memory for The Lost Church Bulletin

Wiggling in Church 

I squirmed through many church services while growing up the daughter of a devout Catholic. The only thing that got me through all those Sundays was a live band that the fairly progressive priest hired to arrange the hymns. There's nothing like tapping your feet to the beat to channel restlessness. Better yet is to wiggle with full abandon, especially if it's in one of your favorite venues with some of your favorite people. Which is why I decided to close out my 2017 birthday show at The Lost Church with the "Bay Station Wiggle." 

I love the way you wiggle/just the right amount of jiggle/shake, shake, shake/shake and wiggle! 

                     — Deborah Crooks



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