Fool-Proof Songwriterly Abundance

Thanks to those who came to the shows in March! It was a thoroughly satisfying month of songwriterly community and sharing. This April, I'm getting back to arranging and recording new material so expect a little less stage time (although that is always subject to change. Please check the sites for updates).
In the meantime, spring is in the air and a bumper crop of works-in-progress are busting all over, including a new EP, a new KCDC collection and a remix of several songs from my 2008 Adding Water to the Ashes CD. Kwame and I are also preparing to perform at a New Acoustic Music series at Island Yoga on May 3 in Alameda where we'll be debuting all new "Songs from the Desert & the Sea." I'll be in touch with more details on that show in a few weeks. For now, wishing you an inspired, joyful and fool-proof April. xoxo, Deborah

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