February Song Notes

Songs, Moons and Trees

 There's a lot in process in these parts this month, informed by a songwriting camp, Super Blue and Red Moons and custom-made acoustic guitars...


On Monday, we returned from a songwriting camp on the Central Coast, where we were immersed in a community of avid songwriters for an extended weekend. I started several new tunes, worked on a co-write, played to some new ears, listened, learned and came away with a renewed appreciation for the heartfelt community and deep insights that making music can bring. Then came the super moon! Wowza! Did you see it? I sat on my front step with my coffee yesterday, mesmerized. Yes I'm feeling restored for what's next....

On the new song front, we reviewed the test masters for Bay Station's latest CD Other Desert Cities on our drive down to Cambria. We'll be releasing the CD in April, with a celebratory show on April 29 at the Starry Plough in Berkeley. Mark your calendars!
On the new-new song front, next week,  I'm going into the studio to record a ditty I wrote last summer in Idaho. Keep an eye on your email later this month as my intention is to turn it around for your ears ASAP.


A Night of Desio Guitars

"Is that a Martin? What is that?"
Seems there's not a show I play that someone doesn't ask me about my guitar, a beautiful acoustic made by my pal Mario Desio more than five years ago. Mario has since built many fine guitars (I've even written an article featuring his work for No Depression magazine. Check out the Summer issue, 2016), many of which will be on display and in play this coming Sunday at The Monkey House Theater in Berkeley. Come on out! Show starts at 7pm at The Monkey House 1638 University Ave, Berkeley, California....

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