February News: The Next Record

I've had my head down this past month, working on my two main projects of the year.  This week, I began recording my next record, getting into Tiny Telephone Studio with a great band and engineer to lay down basic tracks on 11 new songs. While I wrote the majority of the material over the past three years, I feel like the work is the culmination of the past 20 years. A concept album if you will, its muchly informed by my family history in the Western US and my own deep connection to place. With a working title of The Department of the West, these are songs of forgiveness, atonement and love. I'm pretty excited and grateful to be working on this project (which will likely be ready for other ears later this year), and the band I pulled together to bring it to life - Danny Allen, Mike Stevens and Kevin T White - are a joy to work with.
When I haven't been working on the new record, I've been co-creating and developing Bay Station's Love the Bay Music & Sailing video series with Kwame Copeland. This has been a hoot of another order! You can see our first 'full moon' video below; our first full episode, filmed aboard Espresso on the Oakland estuary features our friends Penny Opry, will be released this weekend. Stay tuned! 
Between all this production there hasn't been a lot leftover for gigs, so I'm glad to have several dates on the calendar this month and in March, close to home and at a home away from homes. Check the calendar and let's make a date at one of these shows. I'd love to see you.
xo, Deborah

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