February Comings and Goings

 "The truth is of course is that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time." — David Bowie
Like many people, I was moved more than expected by David Bowie's passing. Amid reading the tributes and essays, stories and reportage about this brilliant artist (and learning "Heroes" to play at JC Hyke's Songwriter Serenade), I came across this great quote. As someone who views her life in chapters or scenes with exits and entrances, set changes and new plot lines, rather than a one-way trip, I gave Bowie's spirit another big high-five when I read it! Thank you, Bowie, for shining so brightly. 
Along those lines, thank you and goodbye dear January — which saw the happy launch of a new Songwriter Series at Octopus Literary Salon, another fun appearance at The Songwriter Serenade, a sweet recording session at the brand new Tiny Telephone - Oakland (!), and the arrival of the new Bay Station (nee KCDC, more on that below) CD (!!), as well as a lot of prep for what's going to be a busy few months of music making — and hello February, looking forward to what you've got in store! xo, Deborah

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