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Retreat and re-entry: SFFF 

 I'm just home after a week-long songwriting retreat in the mountains with small group of beautiful humans, an extra special and slightly overwhelming experience after so much time spent sheltering in place. It's so good to shake off the dust and the rust of the past year+ and look forward to brighter days ahead.

While I expect to add more live dates to the calendar later this summer, my next performance will be virtual, as I'll have a showcase video at the San Francisco Free Folk Festival on Saturday June…

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May Days: Twin Lakes EP & More 🎶 

I feel as if I've woken from a dream or come back from a long trip overseas. Everything feels familiar but different. Seeing friends I haven't seen in person in more than a year is energizing and...amazing! Wow and yay to the best of humans and heart connections. Still, I'm taking the whole re-opening of things slow if steady. Upcoming performances are still hyper-local and virtual and I've more recorded music to share: Amid working on the Bay Station EP, I recorded Twin Lakes, containing three new…

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New 🎶 from Bay Station + more in the stream 

Anyone else feel like they’re waking up from having a weird dream after falling asleep in a hotel, having checked in late at night after a long drive? (I’m talking starting to emerge post-vaccine and seeing people you haven’t seen in person in a year here, not 4/20). While I CAN’T wait to get back to playing out in the world, there's new music and more virtual and porch music programming on deck here in Bay Station! Tune in, take a listen and please continue to take care out there.  

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Porch shows return, Quaranpalooza and Sisters in Song 

There's so much to say about the one year anniversaries that have been ticking by this past week. Today though, I'll keep it short and let you know about a string of upcoming performances I'm doing to round out the month. Tomorrow, Friday, Bay Station returns to playing a weekly porch concert (yes, a year to the day from our inaugural safe-social-distancing porch show in 2020). Next weekend, March 27, I'm part of another Quaranpalooza Fest, and I'll close out the month with a turn at Sisters in Song. More…

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Marching toward the light 

Hello there, 
It feels like spring in these parts: magnolia blossoms are bursting from branches, birds are nesting, and it's warm enough to play music on the porch again. Last year's porch shows really carried us through much of 2020 and we're glad to get back to it this month. Plus, Bay Station has a new EP cued up for an April release. Dates and more information follow. Here's to a happier, healthier, new month! Take care there, Deborah


New Bay Station EP Beyond the Safe and Sound 

Bay Station is…

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February Newsletter: Folk Unlocked and more 

My work has truly come to embody the term 'cottage industry' this year. As we stay close to home and at a distance, our bungalow continues to be the site of music making, yoga instruction, video production and 'zine creation. Island walks (post-storm view pictured below) and keeping the bird feeder full are filling in the time between. Read on for details!



This year's Folk Alliance International conference will be virtual. As such I'll be doing two streaming showcases for Folk Unlocked on…

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November: Staying the Course 

I love this time of year, even if this week is ...nail biting. When I've traveled to India in the past, it's always been during the fall. And I was in Mysore for the 2008 US Presidential Election. That evening, I found my way to an internet cafe that catered to international yoga students. The owners lived in the back part of the house but used the front of their home for the cafe. The night of the election, they let a group of students watch the news on their living room TV.  I was struck by the fact that…

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SIP West: Live & Local Music +  

As a lover of land and nature my heart has been especially sore these past weeks as many wildfires rage across the western states. The Department of the West was inspired by so many places that are acutely suffering right now. And while some of the songs from DoW are elegiac in tone, I couldn't imagine seeing what we're all seeing now. 
Nonetheless, there's no time like the present to do what can be done. I'm fortunate to have all my tools on hand to keep writing and playing and taking action where I can…

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February Music: Monkeys & Mud 

Perhaps it was the added chicory in the coffee, or all those great artists we heard and connected with at Folk Alliance, but I came home from New Orleans doubly fired up for live music and general music-making. I'm happy to report the next couple months are full of creative possibility, including several collaborative shows and a residency. First up is a special show this Sunday at The Monkey House, where I’ll be co-hosting/playing the Bay Station Love the Bay Retrospective screening and performance In…

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