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SIP West: Live & Local Music +  

As a lover of land and nature my heart has been especially sore these past weeks as many wildfires rage across the western states. The Department of the West was inspired by so many places that are acutely suffering right now. And while some of the songs from DoW are elegiac in tone, I couldn't imagine seeing what we're all seeing now. 
Nonetheless, there's no time like the present to do what can be done. I'm fortunate to have all my tools on hand to keep writing and playing and taking action where I can…

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February Music: Monkeys & Mud 

Perhaps it was the added chicory in the coffee, or all those great artists we heard and connected with at Folk Alliance, but I came home from New Orleans doubly fired up for live music and general music-making. I'm happy to report the next couple months are full of creative possibility, including several collaborative shows and a residency. First up is a special show this Sunday at The Monkey House, where I’ll be co-hosting/playing the Bay Station Love the Bay Retrospective screening and performance In…

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