August Beauty & Shine: pre-order Beauty Everywhere

Hello there, Two of the main things my dad gave me were an avid interest in the news, and a love of the natural world. A veteran of WWII who felt immense pride in his vet status, he passed away 15 years ago, and I can only imagine him shaking his head with dismay, as I've been doing, at the events that have been filling the media. So as much as I've been staying current, I've made a practice of looking for beauty to stay hopeful, that is, taking lots of walks on the beach and in open space, noting the tides and drawing up bird lists, gleaning inspiration from other creatives, and charting how much sheer beauty surrounds me, surrounds us all. It's what led to writing "Beauty Everywhere," the title track to my newest recording. Recorded earlier this year at Tiny Telephone with Art Khu (piano, organ, electric guitar), Mike Stevens (drums), Ben Bernstein (bass) and Kwame Copeland (acoustic guitar, backing vocals), I'm really pleased with how it sounds and am excited to share it with you!! I'll be releasing Beauty Everywhere in October, celebrating the record with a live show with all the players on the recording, at The Back Room in Berkeley on October 14, 2016. Please mark your calendars now and tell your friends! In the meantime, you can pre-order Beauty Everywhere and download "Beauty Everywhere" and "Record of a Day." Keep reading for all the details! xo, Deborah

Pre-order Beauty Everywhere by clicking the Bandcamp player (below). Optionally, you can pre-order the 7-song EP via Paypal and I'll send you a download code.    


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