April Full: Bridges and Rainbows

While traveling over the San Mateo bridge last week an epic rainbow appeared over the span, touching down in the middle of the bay on one side, a wetland on the other. Awed and inspired, I started snapping a ton of photos with my phone, only to find not one image fully captured the brilliant spectrum of color we'd witnessed (I ended up sharing a screenshot of the photo album, above). It was one of those "this happened but you had to be there" moments.
I feel this way at shows all the time. There is nothing like being in a room with live musicians, whether on stage or in the audience, to really feel it all — joy, connection, challenge, awe, etc.
Last month, I played a variety of venues, from house concerts to songwriter showcases, taprooms to art schools. Each one was a unique adventure, its own momentary rainbow of experience, sound and vibration, which photos and video couldn't completely capture. There is simply nothing like real experience.
This month finds me playing another variety pack of one-of-a-kind settings, including a show at The Lost Church in San Francisco on April 13 and a 3-show run on the Central Coast with Bay Station. Choose your adventure! I'd love to see you here or there! xo, Deborah

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