And that's a wrap! Bay Station's SIP 2 Docks

 Working on the SIP the Bay video project all weekend gave us something to think about that wasn't the news, how hot and smoky it was, how many places in the West that I’ve known, loved, called home are under threat. Thanks to all the artists who contributed their songs and voices and to those who tuned in live. We raised several hundred dollars to donate to NAACP and California Relief and were heartened again knowing so many folks are continuing to create amid everything. 

Every night after we broadcast, we hied off to the beach to catch the sunset, which, with all the added smoke in the skies, was dependably technicolor. Last night's moment of wonder occurred when a large flock of pelicans flew low over our heads in silent, steady, V formation. May we humans learn to work together so gracefully as we weather these times. 
You can catch up on or binge watch our four-night SIP the Bay Mini Fest HERE.

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