Acoustic Duo Shows & KCDC & DC Recording News


I hope this finds you well, ready for Halloween, and on the receiving end of many treats. I'm writing at month's end rather than my usual month's beginning, as I'm about to hit the road for the Mojave Desert. October has been a wonderful busy time of music making, and some desert vistas (and perhaps some additional desert songs?) are in order. FAR-West in Oakland was an inspiring few days of acoustic music and community; last weekend's full-band outings likewise convivial; KCDC has been finishing up a new record, and I've even started pre-production work on a follow-up to my Little Bird CD. Life is good and I'm ever more thankful to all the venues and friends and good people who support the work of independent artists like myself. I'm feeling excited about what's coming up next! This month has a handful of acoustic duo dates on the calendar amid the travel and recording. Looking forward to seeing you soon and sharing the latest. xo, Deborah


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