About Track 2: "Let the River do the Running"


Track 2: “Let the River do the Running”
The second song on The Department of the West started this way: butt in chair, pen in hand, door shut. A window looking out onto an expensive view added to the optimal conditions. Plus time. In this case, I was starting a weeklon
g songwriting retreat adjacent to a fast-moving river.
Wanderlust, wondering if the grass is greener elsewhere are feelings I’ve contended with throughout my life - considering those impulses and the qualities of the river before me resulted in “Let the River do the Running.” Several month’s later the lyrics received honorable mention in the American Songwriter Magazine -Sept/Oct 2017 Lyric Contest.
I’m super pleased with how the recording came together.
Between now and it’s o
fficial release day, I’ll be sharing a bit of the inspiration and backstory for each song on The Department of the West (December 6, 2019), and a preview of the recording. Pre-order the record (link in bio) and I’ll send you the featured song of the week of your order!

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