Occasionally, when I’ve gone on vacations in the past, I’ve sent myself a postcard with a note “remember this” so when I’m home and the world has crowded back in (or, you know, the weather is grey and the water is cold), I’ll be reminded I can feel very differently. 
This is my digital postcard to myself from the last couple of weeks.

Good news from The Lost Church + A TB Wiggle 

Good news from The Lost Church! I'm happy to report I'll be performing at TLC Santa Rosa in September with Alison Harris. Mark your calendars for September 18 and buy a ticket HERE! In the meantime, I wrote a bit about a favorite memory for The Lost Church Bulletin

Wiggling in Church 

I squirmed through many church services while growing up the daughter of a devout Catholic. The only thing that got me through all those Sundays was a live band that the fairly progressive priest hired to arrange the hymns…

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"We're All In This Together" 


“This is our chance to make it better/ call a friend, help your neighbor/ speak out when you see wrong/cause everyone belongs.” 

Available on all  digital platforms including Bandcamp 


Summer #Quaranpalooza Saturday June 26 

QuaranPalooza: Playing For A Cause 

QuaranPalooza is back! On Sat 6/26 John Rybak and Friends hosts another 4 1/2 hour exstreamaganza. There's only one place you can see a performer in Arkansas, one in Brooklyn, a full band in Troy, NY and a bevy of great music coming out of The Bay Area. I'll take a turn at 6:30pm. 
25% of ticket sales go to Bay Area Cancer Connections. Buy a ticket and support both local music and a great cause.

The Bay Station Eagle - Summer 2021 Out Now 

A quarantine project ventures afield: the fourth issue of The Bay Station Eagle is available now! This Summer issue features art and writing by Chrissy Collins, Alice Lewis, Emily Brock Lewis, Tania Johnson, Gil Garitano, Nicole Gouguet, Norman Moore, Woody Minor, Jennifer Dailey, and Janet Lenore. Available now at Books Inc-Alameda and Modern Mouse Gifts and/or email for info on how to get a copy delivered or mailed to you. 

The Bay Station Eagle is a hyper-local, pocket-guide…

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New Video "River Stones" 

Revisited the beautiful inspiration for “River Stones” last week, the amazing, dynamic, ever-changing Salmon River:

Retreat and re-entry: SFFF 

 I'm just home after a week-long songwriting retreat in the mountains with small group of beautiful humans, an extra special and slightly overwhelming experience after so much time spent sheltering in place. It's so good to shake off the dust and the rust of the past year+ and look forward to brighter days ahead.

While I expect to add more live dates to the calendar later this summer, my next performance will be virtual, as I'll have a showcase video at the San Francisco Free Folk Festival on Saturday June…

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Out Today: Twin Lakes EP 

Three new songs that address the zeitgeist while holding on to hope for the future. 
  1. New Roots 
  2. Twin Lakes 
  3. We're All In This Together 

“This is our chance to make it better/ call a friend, help your neighbor/ speak out when you see wrong/cause everyone belongs.” 
— from "We're All In This Together" on Twin Lakes.

All songs ©words & music Deborah Crooks (ASCAP) 
Deborah Crooks, acoustic guitar, vocals 
Kwame Copeland, guitar, dobro, backing vocals 
Ben Bernstein, bass 

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