🎶 Venturing out 🎶 Saturday 9/18 at The Lost Church Santa Rosa 

I’m playing a real live show next weekend  at the newly reopened (and still pretty new) Lost Church- Santa Rosa on a bill with Alison Harris. This show was rescheduled from March 2020 & TLC has since put in a bunch of safety measures — including excellent ventilation through the venue's large roll-up doors, proof of vaccination at door, a mask policy, distancing and capacity limits. I hope you’ll be there. Saturday, September 18. Tickets available in advance HERE. 
I've really missed playing out regularly…

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Twenty years 

I notice in nearly all the memory posts of 9/11 I've made as we've ticked through the years since that day, a mention of blue sky. Adrenaline sharpens one's senses and that vivid blue is among the details emblazoned in my mind, like the sound of the other people who had stopped to watch from a small park gasping at the actual sight of seeing the towers fall. What did it mean that a sky could be so clear and something so dark could come from it? What did it mean that the sky was so bright and blue even after…

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Video: "Department of the West" live + Bandcamp Friday 

I played a virtual set for San Francisco Free Folk Fest 2021 with Kwame and Ben a couple months ago. This tune, the title track of my latest full-length record "Department of the West" has been on heavy rotation in my performing and rehearsing life again these days. And I'm proud of the full-band version on the record, available everywhere including Bandcamp, which is waving its fees today and sending all proceeds from sales to artists. Get it HERE.

New Love the Bay with Ben Bernstein 

Kwame and I had a great time having producer/engineer/bass-man/songwriter pal Ben Bernstein on the boat this summer for the 16th episode of Bay Station's Love the Bay music and sailing series. Check it out!

August QuaranPalooza: Music Livestream for a Cause 

August 2021 QuaranPalooza Livestream Music Fest  Saturday AUG 28

I'm making another appearance at QuaranPalooza, a monthly livestream extravaganza.  My set is at 6:45pm at the tail end of a very full day of music. Join us! $15 tickets via Evite support we musicians and a good cause with proceeds going to Bay Area Cancer Connections.

The show will feature : 

12-12:15 Mjoy 

12:20-1 David Gans 

1:05-1:30 Kevin Radley 

1:45-2 David Jesitus 

2:05-2:40 Craig Greenberg 

2:45-3 Mei Lin Heirendt 

3:05-3:30 Frances…

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About Friday... 

I’m sad to report I’ve bowed out of the indoor songwriter show in SF I was scheduled to play at Tarragon Cafe on Friday. I loathe cancelling and with all the current knowns and big ? about the Delta variant it seemed wisest to go with an abundance of caution. 

Take care out there!

Thinking about Hope 

A fb friend posted a query yesterday: what gives you hope? A good question for days like this which have me worried. As I started making my list (waking up in the morning, nature, making things, growing things, humans opting to be kind and look out for one another….) I was reminded how active, and generous, being hopeful is. You make it, and give it, as much as receive it. So the question may be, how do you make hope?


Occasionally, when I’ve gone on vacations in the past, I’ve sent myself a postcard with a note “remember this” so when I’m home and the world has crowded back in (or, you know, the weather is grey and the water is cold), I’ll be reminded I can feel very differently. 
This is my digital postcard to myself from the last couple of weeks.