"Between the amazing vocals of Deborah Crooks and the equally awesome musicianship of her bandmates, Kwame Copeland, Steve Waters and Chris Veenstra, Bay Station delivers its own unique style, incorporating the best parts of Americana, Alt-Country, and just plain good storytelling.  These songs will grab you with their sound, but truly capture your attention as they sing about what it must be like to live in the desert, from both the viewpoints of visitors, residents, and native animals." — LA Music Critic

BAY STATION (nee KCDC)  finds songwriter/musicians Kwame Copeland (KC) and Deborah Crooks (DC) combining their talents and enlisting the help of several musical friends to create a diverse form of Americana and rock music. Drawing on their literary chops and post-punk and twang tendencies, they've released three CDs of of Americana and rock —
Your Own Reaction (2014); Go Out and Make Some  (2016) and Other Desert Cities, (2018) — and launched "Love the Bay", an acoustic music and sailing showcase.
Check the Bay Station website for more information: baystationband.com

Your Own Reaction reviewed by Rootstime:“That the two musicians can create excellent songs is proved in abundance by songs such as the ballads “Gone Missing” and “Oh Oh”, and also by the uptempo songs, charged with handsome guitar riffs, such as “Put Away the Year,” “Sweep Out the Dust,” “What To Say” and the album title track. …we’d love to hear more music from this duo.” — Rootstime
This band admirably reflects the wealth of music explored by Hot Tuna, they have that James Gang (Joe Walsh) metabolism, that Grateful Dead / Jerry Garcia Band homegrown classicism, and that ability to strike just the right chord with everyone in an appreciative audience." — John Apice, No Depression