Born and raised in rural area of California, Deborah grew up surrounded by nature, but close enough to San Francisco to be influenced by the city’s history of social, musical and political upheaval. Her lyric-driven and soul-wise music draws on folk, rock, and Americana and is often compared to Lucinda Williams and The Cowboy Junkies. Venturing into everything from funk and reggae to rock and blues, her expansive and eclectic sound has evolved over her years studying writing and poetics at The Naropa Institute in Boulder, CO; voice and yoga in Mysore, India, and co-writing and collaborating with her Bay Area peers. She’s released several collections of critically noted original music, including the acclaimed 2013 release, Little Bird (produced by Art Khu and described as "a masterful piece of work"). She again worked with Khu on 2016's 7-song CD, Beauty EverywhereHer music has appeared on the PBS Series Road Trip Nation and several compilations as well as national radio. Her latest 11-song collection  The Department of the West was released December 6, 2019.

Along with her solo work, she co-founded the band Bay Station and its "Love the Bay" Music & Sailing video series with Kwame Copeland; has contributed prose and poetry to Deborah Slater Dance Theatre;  led writing groups and spoken about songwriting and creativity at Macworld and SXSW. A life-long writer, her articles, essays and fiction have appeared in many publications including No Depression, The Sun, Common Ground, and “The Thinking Girl’s Guide to Enlightenment.”