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I'm playing a variety of PGS rooms & The Susanne Millsaps Memorial Coffeehouse at FAR-West in Oakland Oct 17-18. If you're attending please say hello!

Deborah Crooks at FAR-West:
FRIDAY NIGHT - 11:30 P.M. - J. Bruno & M. Tani Showcase ROOM  511
FRIDAY NIGHT - 12PM -Bohemian Highway ROOM 524
SATURDAY NIGHT -  11PM - J. Bruno & M. Tani Showcase ROOM 511
SATURDAY MIDNIGHT - Bee-Loud Glade Rm - ROOM 529 
SATURDAY (ACTUALLY SUNDAY) 12:30 A.M. -  Amy Andrews Presents ROOM 509

Happy October! I really can't believe it's this time of year. Since April it's felt like I've been on a fast-moving train through 2014, but last week I noticed a big shift as I began to wrap up several projects and wind down a bit. On that note, I'm looking forward to boarding a plane to to Hawaii later this week for some needed R&R and reflection. But first, I want to thank you for being a supporter of my music, and let you know about several shows and special events I either helped organize or wholeheartedly support. Love, leis and luaus! Deborah Continue reading HERE.


Illustration by Boonchu
I play music. I practice (and teach some) yoga. But I don't play music when I practice. And I don't make 'yoga music' as an artist. That said, I think yoga and music are exceedingly complimentary, if not the same in many ways.
On an experiential level,  I often find that the act and results of a 'good' yoga practice and a 'successful' session are really the same. To make music with others takes both listening well and holding your own line to play your part well to create something larger than all involved.   Practicing yoga is similar, especially in a Mysore room where everyone is following their own breath, playing the parts (in this case doing the postures) while building a larger energy field than most mortals can do alone.  And if I'm lucky, I leave a performance (or rehearsal or jam) feeling the same as I often feel when leaving a Mysore room: clear, calm, inspired and connected.
Sometimes the progress of my yoga practice suffers from the time spent playing music; oftentimes the early morning practice schedule runs at odds with the 'typical' late musician night (napping is key). But diving into a week of yoga after a three-gig weekend provides a much-needed reset button. And I know my yoga practice informs my writing and playing on every level, from helping to keep my mind clear to feeding my muse.

This weekend, I'm returning to The Monkey House to play a set of very new and near-vintage DC tunes. I'm sharing the show w/the uber cool Blood & Dust. Plus the fantabulous Ira Marlowe will likely play a few tunes, Kwame Copeland is joining me with his Gibson ES335 and Christopher Shirley is playing drums. We'd all love to see you there, enjoying the great listenability & the speakeasy/living room vibe. 7:30pm start time. BYOB. Reservations at  510/898-1979; 

In other news, I'm playing Saturday afternoon at the big foodie shindig that isEat Real Festival Look/listen for us 9/20 230-3:30pm Jack London Square
I'm pleased to announce that the KCDC "Your Own Reaction" Cd is now available worldwide, online via CDBaby, Amazon, etc.! We're proud of these songs and had a great time playing them live in Berkeley on Sunday. If you weren't at the show, I hope you'll take a listen and order a copy ...or two or three!
KCDC: Your Own Reaction
Representing about two years of focused work, from the time Kwame and I challenged one another to co-write an album, to recording the basics of 10 songs at Lost Monkey Studio, to overdubbing, working out the vocal parts and the artwork, and mixing the tracks, the disc represents more than the production cycle: it's actually the result of about a century of combined experience of scribbling in notebooks, practicing scales, playingshows, etc. et. al. by the individuals that form the band and who helped produce the CD. When the box of KCDC Cds finally arrived on our doorstep a month or so back, we took one out and sat a moment with it, looking at the credits, awed and grateful for how much expertise came with each name  (be it design, audio engineering, playing specific instruments, writing, listening) and the day-by-day process that led to a finished result.  It was humbling to hold the finished product, a marker on the path that has taken us through all sorts of terrain of collaboration and consensus, and satisfying. We seen these songs through.

 On the surface, KCDC's debut CD "Your Own Reaction" is a guitar-driven batch of California-made roots music played by a veteran group of musicians who appreciate a good riff and an infectious beat. But really, the 10 songs on "Your Own Reaction" are about putting your heart on the line, surrendering to love and taking responsibility for your actions. It's meant for listeners who love real instruments and authentic writing; listeners who are seeking out truth and beauty in their lives and think this world deserves the best they've got. Recorded with band mates drummer Mike Stevens and bassist Andrew Gibson at Stevens’ Lost Monkey Studios in Hayward, CA, and co-produced by Crooks, Copeland and Stevens, the album is a truly collaborative effort. Mastering by Ken Lee; design by Harper Design Group.

I'm feeling jazzed! September is shaping up to be one of harvest in these parts as KCDC releases its debut CD and I play a slew of shows around the Bay Area in a variety of configurations (solo, duo, trio, full band!).

The big show of the month is the Your Own Reaction CD release on September 14, 2014 at The Starry Plough in Berkeley. Please come help celebrate this new recording, my collaborative, somewhat rock 'n roll project with Kwame Copeland. We had a great time putting these songs together, and are eager to share them with you! For the live show, we've bolstered the band with Steve Waters on guitar, Andrew Gibson on bass and Whitney Jacobson on drums to play songs from the CD (in addition to previews of new KCDC songs and material from our respective catalogs). Plus we're sharing the show with Seattle's very cool alt-country/roots act Joy Mills & Tom Parker. I believe this show will be a hoot: It's free, all-ages, and early (4-7pm), the Starry Plough is an extremely convivial place to hear music and we'll have the new CDs (and other merch) available for you to take-home. All the details (as well as a preview of another KCDC tune 'What to Say') follow!

Many thanks for listening.  xo Deborah 


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LISTEN TO 'What to Say (Come Here)" from the new KCDC CD (click link or view in browser if player doesn't appear)

KCDC gets some love from my friends at Rootstime. Hit Google Translate for help reading it and find some nice words including : "That the two musicians can create excellent songs prove them in abundance through songs like the ballads "Jesus And The Jedi", "Gone Missing," "Oh Oh" and "Love Some More", but also provided the uptempo charged and of handsome guitar riffs songs "Put Away the Year", "Sweep Out the Dust", "What To Say (Come Here)" and the album title track "Your Own Reaction". 

For us do 'KCDC' not to stay with this one-time project, because we'd love to hear more quality music from this duo on record."

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