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Love the Bay: Music & Sailing 2018


Wow, what a ride the past weekend has been. Bay Station completed our mission on Memorial Day, sailing from Richmond to Alameda after a music-filled few days with some of our favorite friends in music. Below is just a sampling of some of the tiny boat concerts staged on Espresso. Check out the Bay Station Facebook page for full videos! Thanks to all those who participated!



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Love the Bay v.2

Bay Station is setting sail from Alameda on our second Love the Bay multi-day sailing trip/tour of the San Francisco Bay.  Follow along on Facebook and/ Instagram this  Memorial Day Weekend for live broadcasts from our various ports of call.

Memorial Day Weekend  May 25-28

Bay Station Loves the Bay  

Aboard Espresso, San Francisco Bay
SF x Sausalito x Richmond x Alameda


Be Your on Bird on World Migratory Bird Day and help Birds!

It's World Migratory Bird Day! Be Your Own Bird AND Help Birds - Buy "Be Your Own Bird" this weekend & I'll donate half the proceeds to bird conservation efforts #WMBD2018

World Migratory Bird Day is an annual, UN-backed global awareness-raising and environmental education campaign focused on migratory birds and the need for international cooperation to conserve them. " World Migratory Bird Day is celebrated each year to highlight the need for the conservation of migratory birds and their habitats. More than 300 events in more than 60 countries to mark World Migratory Bird Day 2018 (registered on the website) will include bird festivals, education programmes, media events, bird watching trips, presentations, film screenings and a benefit concert to raise funds for international nature conservation. The Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) and the African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbird Agreement (AEWA) — two intergovernmental wildlife treaties administered by UN Environment — organize the campaign in cooperation with Environment for the Americas (EFTA). EFTA works with diverse partners to provide English and Spanish educational materials and information about birds and bird conservation throughout the Americas. Their programmes inspire children and adults to go outdoors, learn about birds, and participate in their conservation."


Talking with Big Blend Radio about Other Desert Cities


I had a fun conversation with Lisa at Big Blend Radio about Bay Station’s third studio recording "Other Desert Cities," which was inspired by the stark, natural beauty of the Mojave Desert. Take a listen:


May is for more music


Thanks to those who helped Bay Station launch our latest batch of songs! We had such a good time at the record release show and are happy to see the music get out into the world and on the air.  I'll be continuing the musical celebrations this month on mountaintops, on and by the water. Mother's Day finds me singing with Kwame at The West Point Inn atop Mt. Tam, while Memorial Day Weekend we'll be doing another "Love the Bay" sailing excursion. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram (if you aren't already), as we'll be doing more in the way of livestreams this month. Thanks, as always, for listening, and coming to the shows. xoxox, Deborah 

Other Desert Cities and Love the Bay

Other Desert Cities is now available on Spotify, BandCamp, iTunes, Amazon and the rest! Take a listen and/or pick up a physical copy at the shows.   
"Between the amazing vocals of Deborah Crooks and the equally awesome musicianship of her bandmates, Kwame Copeland, Steve Waters and Chris Veenstra, Bay Station delivers its own unique style, incorporating the best parts of Americana, Alt-Country, and just plain good storytelling." — Bob Leggett, LA Music Critic Blog

Love the Bay

A couple of year ago, Kwame and I did a multi-day sailing trip/tour of the San Francisco Bay, playing music at our ports of call. After all the recent desert exploration, we're ready for a reprise sailing & music excursion, this time with special guests. Follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram for more information in the coming weeks, and over Memorial Day Weekend, for live broadcasts.

More words...

At the end of the month I'm heading northwest for a short residency with Oregon University's Trillium Project to write some new place-based material. I'm looking forward to experiencing – and being inspired by — a new landscape!


Have You Heard? Bay Station's Other Desert Cities is Ready for Your Ears


We sure had a lot of fun on Sunday releasing the new tunes live. If you didn't grab a copy at the show, you can find the tunes everywhere online, including Amazon, Spotify, CDBaby and Bandcamp (below). Take a listen and let us know what you think!





Bay Station Band's Other Desert Cities Releases This Week!


For the past several years, Kwame and I have spent a lot of time in Joshua Tree, playing and writing together for Bay Station Band. Two years ago, we ended our cross-country tour there...and started writing new songs! When it was time to record the keepers, we decided to record the songs near their source, and took the band to Gatos Trail Studio to do the basics (and play a gig and take an The Integratron sound bath while we were at it). We’re pleased with how all those good vibrations added up, and, almost exactly a year later, we're excited to release the record, Other Deserts Cities, this coming Sunday, April 29 at The Starry Plough in Berkeley. It’s a double record-release show with our Bay Station bandmate Steve Waters. Please join us!



Find new sounds this Friday at The Lost Church


On a trip to Europe many years ago, I'd keep my eyes out for the old stone churches in each town I visited. These buildings were frequently empty on weekdays, making them an ideal place for a visiting secular singer to make sound! For similar reasons I find myself singing at The Lost Church in San Francisco at least a couple times a year. While its architecture is decidedly more modern, and it's not really a traditional church, The Lost Church is another soulful venue that just invites music-making. This Friday, I'll be there kicking off a show with two other original voices, touring artist Amber Ikeman, and Emily Zisman (who some of you may know from Americano Social Club). Please join us! Buy tickets in advance HERE



April Full: Bridges and Rainbows

While traveling over the San Mateo bridge last week an epic rainbow appeared over the span, touching down in the middle of the bay on one side, a wetland on the other. Awed and inspired, I started snapping a ton of photos with my phone, only to find not one image fully captured the brilliant spectrum of color we'd witnessed (I ended up sharing a screenshot of the photo album, above). It was one of those "this happened but you had to be there" moments.
I feel this way at shows all the time. There is nothing like being in a room with live musicians, whether on stage or in the audience, to really feel it all — joy, connection, challenge, awe, etc.
Last month, I played a variety of venues, from house concerts to songwriter showcases, taprooms to art schools. Each one was a unique adventure, its own momentary rainbow of experience, sound and vibration, which photos and video couldn't completely capture. There is simply nothing like real experience.
This month finds me playing another variety pack of one-of-a-kind settings, including a show at The Lost Church in San Francisco on April 13 and a 3-show run on the Central Coast with Bay Station. Choose your adventure! I'd love to see you here or there! xo, Deborah

This week: Songwriter Showcases in San Francisco and Oakland

I was recently asked what advice I had for someone just starting to write songs. The gist of my reply was: "get out, go to shows, play open mics and surround yourself with other artists. You'll be humbled, you'll grow and you'll find your people."
I found many of my people years ago at San Francisco's Bazaar Cafe. Home to one of the city’s more venerable open mics, the Bazaar was and is about music being made now, by the people who write the songs, and about creating a space to hear it. It was one of the first places I ever went public with an original song, and I still play there a couple times a year. This weekend, I'll join my pal Mick Shaffer in the round along with Shawn Brody. My plan is to take a page from my early days, and play something that has yet to get out of the house. Come on down, order a drink (and perhaps a slice of pie), and take a seat with us this Sunday at 6pm.

Oakland's Octopus Literary Salon occupies a similar psychic space as it likewise provides a space for literary events, open mics and every kind of music you can imagine. For the past several years I've hosted a quarterly songwriter showcase there, inviting artists I know and respect to share their work alongside several of their peers. The first of such events in 2018 takes place this coming Wednesday, March 21 at 7pm. I'm excited to alternate short sets with songwriters Paul Griffiths (the Bogues), Joan Wilson Rueter (Penny Opry) and Sterling Spence (Westerly). Come take a listen!