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February 17 at The Lost Church: Birthday Show with Michael McNevin


Show Poster by Nemo

In with the new

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Happy New Year!

Much of the past couple of weeks have been spent walking by the water, spending time with friends, making music and generally working to stay above the fray and troubling news so I can be of some benefit to others. I am grateful to be surrounded by many creative, action-oriented people who keep me on my toes, and 2017 is shaping up to be another year filled with music-fueled activities. January finds me working on some behind-the-scenes-projects that I'll share later in the year. I'll also be playing several dates with Bay Station, whose first gig of the year is Thursday, 1/12 at The Hotel Utah in San Francisco with The Jilters. It promises to be a fun night of rock and roll. Plus we'll be debuting a couple new tunes from our latest desert-writing jaunt.  Come on out!  

For now, wishing you and yours the best, Deborah


December Songs to Sing the Year Out


So, wow, what a year this has turned out to be. Personally, it was highly productive, with the release of two Cds, Beauty Everywhere and Bay Station's Go Out and Make Some,  a national tour, a songwriter series and every manner of performance in between. Thank you for listening, for coming to the shows, for having me on the bill and generally staying interested in original and live music!

Now, more than ever, I'm feeling its that much more important to gather to listen and to share. If we artists are doing our job right, our work will tap into, reflect and express all that it means to be human. Hopefully we'll build a bit more connection and understanding between all, and transcend some of our differences. Toward that lofty goal, I'm hosting another round of songwriters at the Octopus Literary Salon this month. I'll hope you'll join me, along with Alex Walsh, Briget Boyle and Steve Waters, for an evening of song sharing. In the meantime, wishing you and yours peace, love and happiness. xo, Deborah

Wednesday, December 21, 2016, 7pm

Songwriters in the Round at The Octopus Literary Salon
2101 Webster Street
Oakland, CA The Octopus is close to 19th St BART. $5-10 suggested, all ages. 

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Video: "Grandma Mission Blues" - live


A stalwart of my set, written with Alex Walsh some years ago: An immigrant song about my mother's mother coming to the US in the 1930s. #weareallimmigrants

Resources for change


I'm not pleased with how the election turned out. I also feel sad, really getting, that living in California (gratefully), surrounded by progressive, tolerant and hard-working people, I truly was in denial about the result we're now looking at. That said, I know taking action, educating oneself further, and helping others where/when we can, is always possible. Yesterday, my money went to a lanned Parenthood donation & a copy of  ruce Sringsteen's new book "Born in the USA."  Today I got Rebecca Solnit's "Hope In The Dark " FREE via Hay Market Books. 

I was also heartened by a statement made of California Legislative leaders:  

"California is – and must always be – a refuge of justice and opportunity for people of all walks, talks, ages and aspirations – regardless of how you look, where you live, what language you speak, or who you love. 

California has long set an example for other states to follow. And California will defend its people and our progress. We are not going to allow one election to reverse generations of progress at the height of our historic diversity, scientific advancement, economic output, and sense of global responsibility." Read the full statement HERE.

I also found a handy-dandy post "What Can I Do" that's chalk full of useful actions. Check it out here:

Radio Troubadour, Keep Finding Beauty


 "all this life keeps going on/despite the strife and the gloom/beauty beauty everywhere/I'm looking all the time/beauty everywhere...." 

This is a hard day for many of us. So grateful that so many of the near and dear people in my life are committed to community, the arts, the environment, peace, transformation and justice. Cognizant there is so much work to do. My heart is heavy but I know I'm lucky to be alive (& to live in California) and that love + inspired action + dialogue with others can help me, us, dig ourselves out. Let us make positive efforts for the good of all.  I'm more committed than ever to finding beauty in this world.
Thanks Radio Troubadour​ for giving "Beauty Everywhere" a spin on The Troubadour Show today of all days: 

"This week's Troubadour Show #183. Listen in on Wednesday 9th November at 2pm Eastern USA / 7pm UK for two hours of great music. Lots of new album tracks on the show. NP on #Radio @TroubadourShow - @deborahcrooks 'Beauty Everywhere' title track from great new album.Check out more"

"Little Bird" revisited


"Little Bird," written during another, now comparatively tame if unappealing election cycle, is yes, still applicable.... .
"Unconsciousness is a bird in the cage 
In the darkest corner of the house 
A small-feathered thing 
No larger than a mouse 
It sometimes gets out 
Flits about the living room 
Grows bigger than the elephant, 
The albatross, shy loon

Fly away little bird 
There’s no room for you here 
Fly away little bird 
It’s time to disappear

At once myopic, tone-deaf and bold 
It calls loudly as it wings about 
Part parrot and part crow 
Every peep becomes a shout 
Off-color and off-key 
Every ism seems to apply 
No clue about being free

Fly away little bird 
There’s no room for you here 
Fly away little bird 
It’s time to disappear

Some listeners stop eating 
Feeling a little sick 
Some just argue 
Think they need bigger stick 
Eventually the bird grows tired 
After so much hitting its head against the wall 
Lays stunned on the carpet 
As everyone waits for the dove’s call

Fly away little bird 
There’s no room for you here 
Fly flyaway little bird 
It’s time to disappear"....

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"Beauty Everywhere" Live


Just starting to get video that Sarah Fisher took of the release show a couple weeks back. Here's "Beauty Everywhere" done live:

Where to Find Beauty


 Taking the Beauty Everywhere biz literally, I spent today atop Hawk Hill hawk watching (see if you want to know more on that subject) and contemplating the beauty of the SF Bay. In related news, "Beauty Everywhere," the CD comes out tomorrow Oct 18 on iTunes CD Baby & Bandcamp(where you can preorder it now via I'm really pleased with how this recording turned out and am happy to be able to release it to the world!

"Beauty Everywhere" by Deborah Crooks. Produced and arranged by Arthur Khu.
Recorded, mixed and engineered by Shawn Alpay at Tiny Telephone Oakland. Mastered by Michael Romanowski at Coast Mastering, Berkeley, CA.

'Beauty Everywhere Record Release'
'Beauty Everywhere by @[51138611676:274:Deborah Crooks]'
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