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Love, Love, Love: New "Love Some More" Video


Agape, Eros, Philia, Philautia, Storge, Pragma, Ludus, Mania aka Unconditional Love, Romantic Love, Affectionate Love, Self-love, Familiar Love, Enduring Love, Playful Love, Obsessive Love. I can recommend all of these (save for the last which will likely lead to trouble); hence, "Love Some More," a song from several years back that we chose to use for the latest in Bay Station's full moon video series.

We got rained out of an actual sail during the May Flower Moon; nonetheless, we called up the boat model and incorporated footage from the spectacular Schreiner's Iris Gardens in Salem, Oregon, and a visit to Lava Rock A.I.R. to complete this take on the deep cut from the KCDC Your Own Reaction record. Enjoy!


May 31 Bay Station at Pt San Pablo Harbor Club


I hope you had a great holiday and are ready for more! After a fun run up to Oregon and Washington to play several duo shows and visit friends, my love of the road has been reignited. Fortunately, I've some interesting local shows to look forward to this weekend, including a gig TONIGHT with Bay Station Band at Pt San Pablo Harbor Club. This venue is bit of a local secret getaway: at the end of a drive along the edge of the Bay close to the Richmond Bridge, Pt. San Pablo is worth a visit for the view alone. There's also a restaurant, a bar, a marina and most importantly for our purposes, a music venue! Please join us. Our friend Peter Whitehead (Closer to Carbon, Conspiracy of Beards) opens. 

Friday, May 31, 2019  7pm $10 donation

New Love the Bay Video Featuring The Keller Sisters


Love the Bay  Episode 5with The Keller Sisters

Check out Bay Station's fifth episode of our Love the Bay series featuring The Keller Sisters! Lots of laughs, great sister harmonies, and an acoustic marina version of my song "River Stones."



Making Art, Hitting the Road


First, a #tb . 2001. I was living part-time on the coast north of Santa Cruz. My dad was sick, in his last year, and I was holding as tight as I could to my dreams to write and sing and generally make art. It was a messy time, but I got up every day and did my practices, including doing some watercolor sketches of the view and the animals who lived on the ranch, among them, the close-to-feral cats who (sort-of) controlled the barn rats. The view of the ocean was never the same, always beautiful, which is good to remember this week. Making art and working on projects has always been my go-to. Given that the weird, unseasonably wet weather here has wreaked havoc on my weekend #lovethebay  and gig plans (and the national news blows), its time to make something new!
So what's new?
Well first, I had a great time last weekend, playing atop Mt. Tam as nearly a thousand folks hiked and biked up for the Mother's Day breakfast at West Point Inn. I would happily play my music for people atop a mountain any day! It was magical singing "What the Land Will Tell You" (a newer tune included on the forthcoming record) surrounded by nature. And on that day, sunny, wildflowers in bloom, hummingbirds buzzing to and fro, the land seemed to be saying 'Yes! Life is beautiful!"
I live for moments like that.
And later that evening, we played a Bread & Rose’s gig at a rehab center, and at the end, when we had most of the room up and dancing (yes, Bay Station Wiggle-ing), I likewise felt like I was exactly where I should be, and very grateful for my winding path.

This week, pivoting amid the cool bluster of clouds over the bay, I'm now wood-
shedding, helping edit a new Love the Bay episode, and getting read for a Bay Station mini- duo tour starting next week. If you live in Salem, Eugene or Olympia, come on out and say hi:
May 24, 2019, Vagabond Brewing, 2195 Hyacinth St. NE, Salem, OR 97301 8pm-10pm duo
May 25, 2019 Hotel RL Living Stage, 2300 Evergreen Park Dr SW, Olympia, WA 98502 5pm duo
May 26, 2019 Sam Bond’s Garage, 407 Blair Blvd, Eugene, OR 97402 8pm


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"All Signs" Mt Tam Mother's Day

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“All Signs” is one of the new tunes on my forthcoming record and it’s about... my mom! My mom has been gone more than 14 years; nonetheless, I feel her influence on my life all the more the older I get. Which led to this song, about her, forgiveness and respecting our debts of gratitude to our parents no matter how fraught those relationships can be. I’ll be celebrating this coming Mother’s Day (& Mother Earth!) like I’ve done the past several years, playing music atop Mt Tam at @innwestpoint . Hike up for breakfast between 9-1pm in Sunday and find me playing this tune and more as @kwamecopeland and I serenade the brunch crowd. . . . . . #mom #mothersday #happymothersday #momsong #motherearth #loveyourmother #mttam #americana #singing #songwriter #newmusic #livemusic #departmentofthewest #allsigns #allsignsleadbacktomother

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"Beauty is not optional, but a strategy for survival…"


Aloha and The Department of the West



I’m writing from Hawaii, where I’m preparing for a very busy month of Bay Station and duo gigs by swimming in warm water, noodling on a travel guitar and enjoying the beautiful environs. It’s been good to get outside, and hit pause and reset after several months of record and video production. (We’ve of course been taking advantage of the island scenery to glean some footage for a next round of videos.) Speaking of production, I hope you’ll enjoy the following footage from my recent work on my new recording at Tiny Telephone. What a joy it’s been working with this crew of musical humans! I feel extremely fortunate. Plus, Bay Station just released the fourth episode of its Love the Bay series featuring another one of my favorite people, poet Karen Hildebrand. 

Mahalo! 💛Deborah

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Love the Bay 2019: Episode 4 with Karen Hildebrand is LIVE



Recording Trailer



"Springtime Come Early" (Super Moon Special)


Hand-in-hand with our monthly music & sailing ‘Love the Bay’ artist feature, Kwame and I are making a video filmed on & around the full moon each month. We just finished the latest in the series, l featuring a song from a few years back “Springtime Come Early,” as well as baby geese, drawing, night sailing, guitar licks and more! Take a look! Full video: