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KCDC CD Release Sunday Sept. 14 @ The Starry Plough


I'm feeling jazzed! September is shaping up to be one of harvest in these parts as KCDC releases its debut CD and I play a slew of shows around the Bay Area in a variety of configurations (solo, duo, trio, full band!).

The big show of the month is the Your Own Reaction CD release on September 14, 2014 at The Starry Plough in Berkeley. Please come help celebrate this new recording, my collaborative, somewhat rock 'n roll project with Kwame Copeland. We had a great time putting these songs together, and are eager to share them with you! For the live show, we've bolstered the band with Steve Waters on guitar, Andrew Gibson on bass and Whitney Jacobson on drums to play songs from the CD (in addition to previews of new KCDC songs and material from our respective catalogs). Plus we're sharing the show with Seattle's very cool alt-country/roots act Joy Mills & Tom Parker. I believe this show will be a hoot: It's free, all-ages, and early (4-7pm), the Starry Plough is an extremely convivial place to hear music and we'll have the new CDs (and other merch) available for you to take-home. All the details (as well as a preview of another KCDC tune 'What to Say') follow!

Many thanks for listening.  xo Deborah 


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LISTEN TO 'What to Say (Come Here)" from the new KCDC CD (click link or view in browser if player doesn't appear)


KCDC Your Own Reaction review on Rootstime!


KCDC gets some love from my friends at Rootstime. Hit Google Translate for help reading it and find some nice words including : "That the two musicians can create excellent songs prove them in abundance through songs like the ballads "Jesus And The Jedi", "Gone Missing," "Oh Oh" and "Love Some More", but also provided the uptempo charged and of handsome guitar riffs songs "Put Away the Year", "Sweep Out the Dust", "What To Say (Come Here)" and the album title track "Your Own Reaction". 

For us do 'KCDC' not to stay with this one-time project, because we'd love to hear more quality music from this duo on record."


KCDC Song Preview: What to Say (Come Here)



'Show Me' on Roadtrip Nation Season 11


I'm pleased to be a featured musician on Season 11 of Roadtrip Nation! Roadtrip Productions and Bay Area station KQED will premiere Roadtrip Nation: Season Eleven September 6, 2014 but check your listings wherever you live. Roadtrip Nation is distributed through American Public Television to public television stations across the country. The weekly half-hour documentary series tracks the up-close and personal journeys of young adults as they travel the country interviewing inspiring leaders from all walks of life. My song 'Show Me' from the Little Bird CD can be heard in Episode 7.



Your Own Reaction on KPFA


Was a nice treat to find Your Own Reaction got a spin on David Gans' KPFA show Dead to the World Last night. Was even cooler to find Box Set was the featured live guest and even more, that the playlist included songs from our pals The Secret Identities. Nice! 

 For the next few days, you can hear the show on the KPFA site:


Your Own Reaction on No Pigeonholes Radio


No Pigeonholes
European Edition on Radio Marabu
hosted by Don Campau
August 2014 program 1

artist/title/ album/ label-source

KCDC/ Your Own Reaction/ Your Own Reaction/---CD
Trinity’s Tattoo/ Falling/ Blunt/ ---CD
The Welcome Matt/ Pop Junk Fluff And Hype/ Pop Junk Fluff & Hype/ ---CD
The Bevis Frond/ Sand/ 7 & 7 is/ Fruits de Mer CD
Steve Hillage/ The Salmon Song/ Rainbow 1977/ Gonzo Multimedia CD
Soft Hearted Scientists/ Dark Departments/ The Slow Cyclone/ Fruits De Mer CD
Joe Molland/ A Way To Be/This Way Up/---CD
Reanimation/ Growing With The GRowing Light/ The Last Tree On Earth/---CD
Simones/ Seize The Moment/ ---/ Fruits De Mer CD
Val Starr & The Blues Rocket/ That’s My Advice/ Blues Away/ ---CD
Marty Walsh/ Feeling Free/ The Total Plan/ ---CD
Ed Roman/ Roly’s Cottage/ Letters From High Latitudes/---CD
Ciro Hurtado/ Peru/ Ayahuasca Dreams/ ---CD
Adam Andrews/ Unknown Hero/ Road To Ambo/ ---CD
Basement Of Extra Power/ Defenestration/ Spots Of Spurious Rot/ Taped Rugs CD


KCDC preview: Love Some More


All I have to say on everything at the moment


KCDC is Ready for Ears


Born of a songwriting challenge, KCDC: Your Own Reaction finds Kwame Copeland (KC) and me (DC) combining our musical and writerly efforts on 10 new songs. We had a lot of fun making this CD, which we recorded with drummer Mike Stevens and bassist Andrew Gibson at Stevens’ Lost Monkey Studios in Hayward, CA last year (Stevens also coproduced the effort with us).

You can pre-order Your Own Reaction via Amazon this minute if you like. :)

Heads up that we're celebrating the release of Your Own Reaction with an all-ages live performance on a shared bill with Seattle's Joy Mills & Tom Parker at The Starry Plough in Berkeley, CA, Sunday, September 14, 2014, 4pm-7pm. Your Own Reaction will be available worldwide on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon and other major outlets September 16, 2014. If you'd like an advance copy, please give me a shout. Listen to the title track HERE:


Hello August!


Wow, what a summer. The months have been going by in a whirl of road trips, shows and rehearsalsfor what's next. Thanks so much to you who I saw or met at July's run of performances. I feel very fortunate for the opportunites I have to perform my music and all the great people I meet along the way.  
Looking forward, August will find me playing a selection of shows in San Francisco and Northern California in a variety of formats and getting ready to release the KCDC CD.  Please check the calendar and join us!
xo, Deborah


Keeping Things Rolling and Shows Going Amid Chaos

I pretty much run my life on projects. I didn't consciously plan this, but over time I've seen the pattern. There's always something in the works: a show, a poem, a tour, a recording...a blog post. It's how I create order and meaning for myself, even as I know things run on their own time, despite my intention and bunch of calendar entries, and the world may perceive things very differently than I do.  I can't really tell what and how my project habit will add up to in the end, but I do know I feel happiest when I know I've made something — which I hope will be of some value — that wouldn't have happened without my efforts.
Such was the case for Saturday night's show, a showcase for six songwriters, three of whom would play in the round on stage at once. I've been doing these songwriter showcases every few months for the past couple years, rounding up five other artists and playing myself. It's not a unique formula —playing-in-the-round, one song at a time, is a fairly traditional way of sharing a bill — and we knew the venue well. But I started to freak a little when two artists had yet to arrive five minutes before showtime. I sent the first three artists up to begin and began texting and emailing the others. One confirmed straight away they'd be late due to a contentious commute. One artist (who I'd learn was not feeling well the next day) would not show.  My mind racing, I scrapped the intended order and made a game plan to swap out an artist every time they'd completed a turn of three songs. Amid the shuffle, I sat down and played my songs,  too anxious about how the whole evening was being received to feel nervous about my own performance (Perhaps that was the hidden benefit?).
In any case,  it all was fine. More than fine. The other artists were relaxed (and good at what they were doing) and the audience enjoyed themselves. Food and drink kept coming out of the kitchen, new connections were being made, and by the end of the evening I was enjoying myself as well. We'd done it.
Yesterday, we came home to a box of our newly-pressed KCDC "Your Own Reaction" CD. We first wrote these songs as a songwriting challenge in February 2013. We recorded them in September that year, and we've been overdubbing and then mixing up until a month ago as schedules allowed. We haven't been hurried or anxious about this project but we've kept it going, scheduling rehearsals, working with engineers and graphic designers and learning parts amid work and other projects and, in the case of our co-producer, a pregnancy and birth.  September of this year, we'll release the music officially and have a show.
There will be more to do between now and then, but yesterday, we turned over the CDs in our hands to check it all read correctly, then popped one into the stereo to make sure it played. We had run into a friend on our way home so we gave him one, too.  We felt pleased with our musical efforts. I noticed when I woke up this morning, I'd slept better than I had in weeks. Chaos and meaningless averted... for the moment!