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Good times and what's next


September sees more shows with Michele, ala May's Hot Water Sessions, and a Northwest mini-tour with Bay Station. Check the calendars for more!


"Wednesday night race/out on the bay....but we're playing on a Saturday" THIS SATURDAY, August 26


Peace, love and music in Oakland at The Open Matt. Join us!


Inside Lands: August 26 Postcard from the Crew



8/26 Inside Lands at The Open Matt Sailing Adventure continued...


Our Inside Lands House Concerts adventure continues! Follow along and then join us August 26 at The OPEN MATT. Tickets in advance via Ticketleap:


"Wishing Tree" a 2017 Global Peace Song Awards Finalist


"Wishing Tree" is a finalist in the 2017 Global Peace Song Awards. Help it win by liking this post on the 2017 Global Peace Song Awards Finalists page HERE:
Many thanks!



Video: Inside Lands Sets Sail!


The talent for the next Inside Lands show has set sail for The Open Matt! Will the musical crew cross the Bay waters in time? How many songs might they write en route to the venue? Follow their nautical adventure and then meet The Welcome Matt, Yours Truly, Michele and Deborah Crooks in Oakland, August 26, 2017 at 7pm. Doors at 7:00 pm. Music at 7:30 pm. Seating is limited, please RSVP to or reserve your seat in advance via Ticketleap:

"Be Kind" on WOS Radio...again!



Song Awards and Mentions


In the good news department, I received an honorable mention in American Songwriter Magazine's -Sept/Oct 2017 Lyric Contest for a song I wrote in Idaho in May: "Let the River Do the Running" !!  and"Wishing Tree" is a finalist in the Global Peace Song Awards, Folk category. 


Inside Lands Show: August 26 at The Open Matt in Oakland


Summer of Love Music benefit for Southern Poverty Law July 23


Please join me at The Backyard Summer of Love Music benefit for the Southern Poverty Law Center in Berkeley on July 23, 2017, 4-6pm This fun outdoor music event features music by Maggie Forti, Irene Sazer, myself, Steve Waters, and Andrea Prichett. Presented by Carleton St. Studios, all proceeds going to SPLC, an organization that works tirelessly to fight hate, teach tolerance and seek justice. 

Backyard Summer of Love Music benefit for the Southern Poverty Law Center
Sunday, July 23, 2017 4-6pm $25
RSVP, more info, email:
Bring a blanket, BYOB (though beer will be sold), and bask in the music while helping us raise money for SPLC.